Prayer Sheet

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

CBC Missionary of the Week

Kevin Folger

Spiritual Leadership Asia





Preacher of the Week

Jason Gaddis

Southwest Baptist Church

Oklahoma City, OK




College of the Week

Ambassador Baptist College

Lattimore, NC



First Responder of the Week

Richard Walling

Westlake Police Department



Our Country's Leaders

President Joe Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris

Our State's Leader

Bob Hackett

10th District
Ohio Senate

Staff Members

Pastor Pete and Sandra Folger

Joe & Sarah Beck


Sunday School Ministry

Senior High, 12th grade

Mike & Kirstie Harness

  • Thursday - Bob & Necky Mach
  • Friday - Kristine McLaughlin
  • Saturday - Rex & Jan Harmon
  • Sunday - George King
  • Monday - Ruth King
  • Tuesday- Nathan & Ruth Kinoshita
  • Wednesday - Chad & Sarah Hainline

New Prayer Requests

  • Health Requests

    Katrina Kelly, health (Elrabadi)
    Phil & Suzanne Cawrse, health

  • Expectant Mothers

    Natasha Borowski
    Jill Falkoski
    Caitlyn Brady
    Abi Wiltse
    Kylee Odell
    Sarah Wilmoth
    Monique Fagan

  • Special Requests

    Redding family, passing of mom Clara
    Folger family, passing of Nancy

  • Cancer

    Dave Alligood
    Edname Reed
    Jim Chait
    Pat Croy
    Paul Foradora
    Shirley Brown
    Fran Palmisano, chemo
    Jack Lovejoy
    Pennie Yourkievitz
    Sandy Stalnaker
    Sheral Nelson
    William Rios
    Brian Miller
    Eva Sherman
    Bill Billy, Sr.
    Jerry Ruff

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