Prayer Sheet

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

CBC Missionary of the Week

Gary Lukas


Preacher of the Week

Dave Hardy

Hardy Ministries

Stillwater, OK

College of the Week

Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola, FL

First Responder of the Week

Dave Haffner

Strongsville Fire Department

Our Country's Leaders

President Joe Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris

Our State's Leader

Tim Schaffer

20th District
Ohio Senate

Staff Members

Pastor Pete and Sandra Folger
Jason & Tina Mallory
Andrew & Nicole Maurer
Michele Maximova

Sunday School Ministry

Junior High, 7th grade
John & Amber Farley

  • Thursday - Brad & Brooke Borke
  • Friday - Anthony & Angela King
  • Saturday - Raleigh & Cassandra Hill
  • Sunday - Don & Debbie Whitecar
  • Monday - Mark & Hannah Martinez
  • Tuesday - Pete & Mckia Davidson
  • Wednesday - Anthony & Shelby Rudolph

New Prayer Requests

  • Health Requests

    Bonny Ryan, eye surgery
    Cecil Whited, fell
    Della Watkins
    Doug Greenawalt, eye surgery recovery
    Elizabeth Scheetz, brain surgery recovery (Sherman)
    Joan Murtaugh, brain healing (Thomas)
    Len Dietz, back surgery 5/23
    Linn Lyndsey, heart attack recovery
    Rose Pointer, back surgery
    Shirley Brown, covid
    Terry Evans

  • Expectant Mothers

    Allison Chidsey


  • Special Requests

    Brian Thomas, moving/job (Thomas)
    Carney family, passing of Tim's mother Mary
    Cleveland Neighborhood, Edgewater
    Ron Jackson, traveling Ukraine
    Turner family, passing of Gwen's mom
    Ukraine & Russia
    Watkins family, passing of Jim

  • Cancer

    Cathy, stage 4 (Mallory)
    Dave Alligood
    Dave Cooper
    Dave Farley
    Edname Reed
    Jim Chait
    Pat Croy
    Paul Foradora
    Shirley Brown
    Fran Palmisano
    John Lovejoy, prostate
    Sharon M., ovarian

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