Prayer Sheet

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

CBC Missionary of the Week

Nick & Dorothy Evanovich

Gypsy Ministry, Cleveland


Preacher of the Week

Kyle Haynes

Shadow Mountain Baptist Church


College of the Week

Ambassador Baptist College



First Responder of the Week

Antonio Stitt

Highland Hill Police Department


Our Country's Leaders

President Joe Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris

Our State's Leader

Sean O'Brien

32nd District
Ohio Senate

Staff Members

Pastor Pete and Sandra Folger

Bruce & Joyce Witzke

Sunday School Ministry

Youth Group Bible Study Ministry

Senior High Drive In

Wesam & Megan Elrabadi

  • Thursday - Adam & Christina McGeorge
  • Friday - Coleman & Belinda Gabbard
  • Saturday - Logan & Brittany Bankston
  • Sunday - Paul & Esther Lawal
  • Monday - Jim & Lori Males
  • Tuesday- Keven & Debbie Kendell
  • Wednesday - Beth Homan

New Prayer Requests

  • Health Requests

    Brittany Ross, heart
    Gaby Santiago, asthma
    MaryAnn Inman family
    Nicole & Zack, marriage (Baich)


  • Expectant Mothers

    Laura Logsdon
    Valerie Curtiss
    Jamie Blankenship
    Linda Van

  • Special Requests

  • Cancer

    Dave Alligood
    Edname Reed
    Jim Chait
    Pat Croy
    Paul Foradora
    Shirley Brown
    Fran Palmisano
    Jack Lovejoy
    Pennie Yourkievitz
    Sandy Stalnaker
    Sheral Nelson
    William Rios
    Brian Miller
    Larry Frost
    Eva Sherman

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