Prayer Sheet

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

CBC Missionary of the Week

Ever & Carol Sandres


Preacher of the Week

Tim Huth
Stow Falls Baptist Church
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

College of the Week

Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola, FL

First Responder of the Week

Joe Klemenc
Brook Park Police Department

Our Country's Leaders

President Joe Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris

Our State's Leader

Bob Hackett
10th District
Ohio Senate

Staff Members

Pastor Pete and Sandra Folger
Haley Sailors
Hannah Sailors
Erica Suplita


Sunday School Ministry

Drive In 5th grade boys
Christa Johnson & Irina Kuznetsov

  • Thursday - Adam & Leanne Pearlstein
  • Friday - Virl & Sandy Stalnaker
  • Saturday - David & Terrie Azzarello
  • Sunday - Dave Hardy
  • Monday - Howard & Jason Caldwell
  • Tuesday - Dan & Kelly Novy
  • Wednesday - Don & Laura Stertz

New Prayer Requests

  • Health Requests

    Al Lipscomb, recovery from leg amputation surgery 5/5 (B. Borke's dad)
    Blanchard's, foster baby's heart surgery
    Jackie Paval, covid
    Joanna Marshall
    Kyle Lindsey, pain/ankle surgery recovery
    Lisa Pointer, stroke (Rose Pointer's sister)
    Max Witzke, recovery from surgery
    Rose Pointer, back

  • Expectant Mothers

    Megan Elrabadi
    Tatyana Cortez

  • Special Requests

    Cleveland Neighborhood, University District
    Police Officer's, safety/health

  • Cancer

    Dave Alligood
    Dave Farley
    Edname Reed
    Jim Chait
    Linda Van
    Pat Croy
    Virgil Rickman
    Matt Loede

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