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The Pastor's Greeting

The Pastor's Greeting

October 26, 2020


Dear beloved church family,

We were overwhelmed by your expressions of love and appreciation during last night’s service. We were also completely shocked to know you had planned these things and had been working behind the scenes to make them happen. We love you and are so grateful to God for the privilege He has given, and you have allowed for us to serve as your pastor. You have been gracious, kind, loving, and supportive of us during our brief time in this role. We have not always done everything right, but we are growing and learning together. This has been a uniquely challenging year, but the Lord has been faithful and we can see clear evidence of His divine leading and enabling.

Thank you for every card, note, and expression of love. Thank you for the gift cards, the flowers, the suits from Brother Doug. Your financial sacrifice to provide these things for us is overwhelming and humbling. You do more than enough to take good care of us. We love you, appreciate you, and pray that the Lord gives us many more years to serve you and your precious families in this capacity.


Pastor Pete, Sandra and family


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