Where Adults Connect

Where Adults Connect

Singles Division

From the time a child graduates from high school until he gets married, many important, life-changing decisions are made. Instruction from God’s Word is an important part of making right decisions. In addition to the weekly Sunday school meeting, there is also a weekly Bible study and fellowship times for these young adults. We offer classes for single ladies and widows as well.

Young Professionals/College (23-39-year-olds) – Jon and Jamie Blankenship – CBC Folger Fellowship Hall

Apron Strings (women, 30+) – Mrs. Ednamae Reed - Room 110

HAVEN (women of all ages and stages) – Mrs. Faith Thompson and Mrs. Peggy Haynes– CBC Room 107


Married Couples Division

Marriage is the second most important decision made in life, and it is a lifelong commitment. Our classes are designed to help couples through their life stages by teaching on marriage, parenting, finances, relationships, service and many other topics.

Honeymooners (0-5 years of marriage) – Kevin and Colleen Hoffman – Church Office

Homebuilders (5-15 years of marriage) – Tom and Amanda Goodman – Room 201

Couples for Christ (15-30 years of marriage) – Pete and Sandra Folger – Thompson Chapel


Adult Classes

We offer several other classes to help adults in their spiritual walk with God. Each week Bible lessons are presented and principles are taught.

Spanish – Pastor Jose Duarte – HBI Chapel (Sunday Mornings at 10 AM)

Auditorium Bible Class – Ron Jackson – Main Auditorium

Special Friends (adults with special needs) – HBI Chapel (Sunday Mornings at 11 AM)