Sunday School Classes

Cleveland Baptist Church offers Sunday School Classes for people of all ages. To find out more about any of our classes call the Church offices @ (216) 671-2822.

Preschool Departments
We have first class child-care facilities for infants all the way up to kindergarten. Each class is filled with loving teachers that will invest their lives into your young ones while you enjoy the service.

Bus Ministry
Our busses pick up children of all ages. They then meet in a special service geared towards their specific age. Call the church office at 216.671.2822 for more information or to schedule a pickup for this Sunday.

Youth Departments
Children are our future. At Cleveland Baptist we take time to teach our youth, from the time they are young, through their teenage years about God. We only have one chance to make an impact on our youth. Our youth departments are broken up into three divisions: The 1st-6th grade department led by Tim and Terri Kardamis, Junior High led by Todd and Julia Lapp, and High School led by Wesam and Megan Elrabadi.

Our college age class is geared for those that are just out of High-School and starting out their life as a young adult. These can be trying times and it helps to be able to network with others going through the same situations. This class is led by Mike and Kirstie Harness.

Single Purposed
The Single Purposed department is filled with singles in all life stages. There are three different divisions within this department including those a young professionals class, a single men’s class, and a single ladies class.

Honeymooners is for couples in their first five years of marriage. This class is led by Kevin and Coleen Hoffman.

Couples For Christ
Couples for Christ is a great class for those with a combined age of greater than 70. This class is led by Pete and Sandra Folger.

The Pastor’s Bible Class
Our Auditorium Bible class is a Bible class for anyone who wants to attend. Weekly lessons are taught out of God’s Word. Pastor Folger teaches this class.

Widow’s Class
Growing in Faith Together is a class for widows. Mrs. Faith Thompson teaches this class.

Bible Doctrines Class
Bible Doctrines is our new converts class. It meets three times a year for 13 weeks at a time. Jack Beaver teaches this class.

Special Friends
Our Special Friends class has a wonderful time of singing and learning from the Bible. It is geared for those with mental disabilities. This class is led by a wonderful group of people.

Teen Ministries

The teen years can be quite challenging, confusing and crazy! A solid foundation is a must for successfully navigating this time. At Cleveland Baptist Church we believe that the only foundation for life is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Cleveland Baptist Church has been introducing teenagers to the Lord for 54 years. During this time we have had just 4 youth pastors!

Teens will be strengthened through a weekly Bible Study time with other teenagers at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday morning. The High School department meets in Room 202 and the Jr. High department meets in Room 201. There is also a monthly activity that is planned for teens in the youth department. In addition to this each year’s summer calendar is packed with three exciting events: Youth Camp, SMITE (missions trip) and the Great Lakes Youth Conference.

Come join us this Sunday. We hope to see you soon!

Teen Camp
Teen camp is held each year at Camp CoBeAc in Michigan. Next year’s camp will be held Monday, June 9 – Saturday, June 14. Our guest preacher for the week will be Evangelist Adrian Burden. Join us for a great week of games, activities, competition, preaching, singing and good Christian fellowship. Check out this video from a past teen camp…

Great Lakes Youth Conference
The 9th Annual Great Lakes Youth Conference will be held Wednesday, July 30 – Friday, August 1, 2014 at the Cleveland Baptist Church. Our speakers for the conference this year are Cary Schmidt (pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in the New England area) and Kurt Skelley (Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Pennsylvania). Each year hundreds of teenagers are encouraged by the great music, preaching and fellowship of this great conference. For more information about next year’s conference email Peter Folger and be sure to check out these videos from a past year’s Great Lakes Youth Conference…

Training Teens for Christian Work


A positive approach to the positives and negatives of the Christian life


Are you tired of teens that don’t know why they believe what they say they believe? T.T.C.W. can help you take your teens from a head knowledge to a heart knowledge of Scripture. This program is designed to help young teens understand the why’s behind the Baptist faith and encourage life-long dedication.

A comprehensive plan for success

Today’s youth are faced with many perplexing temptations. The only answer is turning to God’s Word, for therein lie the answers to every problem. In the midst of lowered parental standards, watered-down preaching, increased school and social pressures and a new generation of looseness, we want to introduce this program.

Recognizing Sin

In today’s world, we must know how to measure sin—hence, the Ruler of Christian Living. In Year One of the program, your teens will learn how to decide for themselves whether something is sin or not based on the principles found in God’s Word. The idea is not just to present “rules” of the Christian life, but the “why’s” and principles upon which to base all decisions in life.

Each sin discussed has a positive solution presented. Daily application of the Ruler of Christian Living will assist each one who learns it to live a life that pleases the Lord. Our goal is to inform and admonish young teens to live a more godly, sin-hating, Christ-honoring life. These lessons were developed by Evangelist Hal Webb. Dr. Webb has been a world-renown evangelist for over 50 years. His wisdom and years of experience have added to the success of this program.

Practicing Right

Just as a battery needs positive and negative terminals, so does the Christian if the power of God is going to flow out to others. There is a great lethargy and lukewarmness today toward the fundamental, proven requirements of obedient, godly living. All Christians know they should pray, study God’s Word and witness to others. Millions, though, are too busy, lazy, careless or whatever to keep these vital avenues of relationship with God and man open and paramount in their lives.

The Result

It is our prayer that this program will urge many teens to be “doers of the word, and not hearers only.” James 1:22

– Weekly dues of $.50. These help defray the cost of the program.
– Entrance exam designed to help teach a specific truth (the Ruler of Christian Living; the Romans Road).
– Monthly memory verse used to enhance the lessons for that month.
– A two-year complete Bible-reading schedule designed for young teens.
– A weekly lesson designed to help young teens understand why we believe what we believe.
– Weekly sermon outlines to help teens pay attention in church.
– Lessons to train and prepare the teens to teach in children’s ministry.

Download the TTCW Materials Order Form

Contact Luke and Pam Brown if you have any questions about TTCW or call them at the numbers below.
216.671.2822 ext. 103
216.671.2848 (fax)