Joanna Marshall Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors, Family, and Friends, 

Praise the Lord I arrived safely back in Urdaneta City on Monday, July 11th! Aside from a little bit of turbulence, the 13 and a half flight went well. We actually arrived early! Sister Sylvia and Wilfredo from Crossroads Baptist Church met me at the airport, and after a bit of a struggle to find a cheap taxi, we made it to the bus station to take the 3 hour drive back to Urdaneta City. The bus ride seemed to take longer than the plane ride. It was good to be back in my second home and country of “love and calling”! The day after I arrived I started helping in the K5 class at Crossroads Christian Academy. I am excited that I will be able to teach more than I thought I would. There are 5 boys and 1 girl in the class. They keep Sister Rita and I are on our toes! I should be able to learn lots of Tagalog words pretty quickly as I help teach them. The school is using the Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum from Haines City, Florida. Today I taught my first Music Theory Class to the 24 older kids in the CCA. I also taught the younger strings class of 5 girls. On Friday I will be teaching the School Choir. I will have my hands full for sure!

This past week has been one of readjusting to the Filipino life and getting set up in my new apartment. I am thankful that it is close by the ladies dorm so I can catch a ride to and from the school and church. This past Saturday while out on soulwinning with Renalyn, a teen girl, we saw two young girls get saved. What a blessing!

It was so good to be home in the US for a few months. I had a wonderful time being a part of my first Missions Conference at my home church. It was such a blessing to see the emphasis put on the 10/40 window and the Far East! I thank God for a great church that is behind my missionary endeavors. The Lord also allowed me to see my parents and all of my siblings for which I was so happy! I am thankful for how God provided while I was on deputation. I never thought I would travel alone by myself like that, but like another single missionary once told me, “God takes good care of His girls!” I can truly say amen to that. My car had several problems, but praise God I was never totally stranded on the side of the road! God also helped me with some health issues that I was worried about. He is too good to me! I am still waiting on my visa issues, but Lord willing, I can hopefully wrap all that up soon and apply for my missionary visa by December or January. I will just stay on a tourist visa for a few months like I did earlier this year.

Thank you each for your prayers and support! It means alot to me and has enabled me to come back to where my calling is. I look forward to this next month at Crossroads as they celebrate their 13th anniversary. Please pray with me that God will do a great work here in Urdaneta City and we can reach many folks for Him! God bless you each today in a special way.

For Filipinos,

Joanna Marshall

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