In 2013 the Lord told Josh and Melanie Vickerman he wanted them to be missionaries in Slovenia, but he impressed on their hearts, separately, that they should pray to work with veteran missionaries Jim and Laura Pranger in Hungary first.  A few months later, unprompted, Bro. Pranger invited the Vickermans to come live with them and train there in Hungary. In 2014 the Vickermans moved to Hungary and worked alongside Jim and Laura Pranger, teaching in the Bible Institute, preaching in their church and at other area churches, and helping with church maintenance projects.  Mel assisted Laura in planning and preparing for youth meetings, fellowships and banquets; taught at the Ladies’ Meetings and in the children’s Sunday school; and joined in the music ministry.  They had the great privilege of overseeing the ministry when Jim and Laura were away.  They also took part in two, week-long campaigns, one in Hungary and one in Romania.

Then, in March 2016, God told Josh the time had come to move into Slovenia.  On April 7thJosh and Melania and their two children, Isabella and Ian, moved to Maribor, Slovenia and have been working there ever since.