Gary Lukas was saved and baptized at the Cleveland Baptist Church in 1981, studied at the Heritage Baptist Institute, as well as working with evangelist Dr. Larry Clayton and the Salvation Evangelistic Association.  


In 1994, while pastor of the Faith Baptist Church of Loudonville, Ohio, where he had served since 1986, Gary felt called to the field of Russia.  After spending a year in the city of Magadan in the Russian Far East, he relocated to the city of Novosibirsk in western Siberia in 1996, where he began the work of establishing a church.  In 2002, Gary was administratively deported from Russia, with the consequence the next year of being denied entrance to Russia for a period of 3+ years.  For those years, 2004-2007, he worked with Russian-speaking people in New York City.   He was able to apply for entrance once again to Russia in 2007, and returned that year to the church and work in Novosibirsk.