I was born into a loving home with parents of two CarolCdifferent religions. My mother, in her late twenties, had come to know Christ as her Saviour and began attending Cleveland Baptist Church. During this time, my father continued to attend St. Bridget’s, a Catholic church. When my brother and I were young, we were made to attend both churches on an every-other-week rotating basis. Having heard the plan of salvation in Sunday school, I made a profession of faith as a very young girl. My father allowed me to attend Heritage Christian School in the third grade, as long as I continued to attend Catholic catechism classes. When I turned twelve in the sixth grade, my father finally gave me the choice to choose which church I wanted to attend. That year, I began attending Cleveland Baptist weekly with my mother. It was in the eighth grade when I realized that I truly needed to get saved. I had been having doubts for quite some time and had never understood how anyone could know one hundred percent-for-sure they were saved. December 2, 1998, I prayed and asked the Lord to forgive me of my sins, to wash me clean in the blood of Jesus Christ, and to use my life to serve Him. Since then, I have not had any doubts of my salvation.

Throughout my teenage and college years, I have had a desire to serve the Lord in full time service with a specific burden for missions. After I graduated from Pensacola Christian College, He gave a job in a large teaching hospital, on a floor where I could gain a large amount of experience. My floor had basic pulmonary floor patients, a specialized unit for post-surgical ENT surgeries, and a specialized unit for weaning from the ventilator. In less than a year on that floor, I was asked to be a preceptor of new nurses and was trained to be charge nurse. After three years there, I felt the Lord leading me to make a change.

When the door opened at Heritage Christian School, the school I had attended, to teach health and science; I had peace that the Lord was leading me toward the next step in my life. He has given me a love for teaching that I never imagined I’d have. He led to Pensacola Christian College to join their nursing faculty in 2012. To have the opportunity to marry my two passions, nursing and teaching, was both amazing and humbling.

Throughout my working years, I was able to take several medical missions trips to Peru, where God continued to work on my heart about missions. In November of 2014, God used a former roommate to introduce the field of Honduras to me, where I felt a call unlike any burden for missions that I’ve had before. I am delighted to say that I am acting on God’s plan for my life to begin my life as a missionary in Honduras.